Criminal Law

Whether you have just been arrested, are due to be interviewed under police caution, have been released on bail, released under investigation, or are worried that you may be accused of committing an offence, our experienced and highly qualified criminal law solicitors are on hand to remain by your side and represent you throughout every stage of the proceedings.

If you’re in trouble, Simon Bethel Solicitors can help.

Our specialist team of criminal law solicitors do all that is necessary to guide you through the legal process, using our significant skill and experience to seek the most beneficial outcome for you.

We deal with all aspects of criminal law, and we can, and will, defend you against any charge. We apply the same standards to all our criminal law cases, and our vast range of expertise covers everything from road traffic offences and assault to complex fraud and white-collar crime. We will also assist individuals being interviewed by any prosecuting authority.

We understand how frightening criminal investigations and prosecutions can be, but rest assured, our highly specialist team have a strong track record of successfully representing clients subject to investigation by the police, or prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service, Local Authority, Serious Fraud Office or Trading Standards.

Our top priority is to protect your legal rights and give you the best chances of achieving a positive outcome.

Legal Aid

At a police station, everyone requiring advice and assistance will be entitled to free legal representation under the legal aid scheme except, if the client declines representation.

Simon Bethel Solicitors are proud to own a Legal Aid Agency [LAA] franchise in Crime, amongst others and are holders of LEXCEL quality mark .

At the Magistrates Court, Crown Court and other appellate Courts, you may qualify for legal representation under legal aid as well, or you may be required to make contributions towards your defence costs subject to LAA’s interest of justice test and your means.

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law “is the body of the law that deals with conduct considered so harmful to society as a whole, that it is prohibited by statute, prosecuted and punished by the government.”

This area of the law outlines what conduct Acts of Parliament deem to be acceptable or unacceptable in the UK. It comprises a complex system of laws and rules that define criminal offences, set the procedures that may apply when the police investigate you for an offence, and what might happen if you are required to appear in criminal court, including sentencing and parole.