UK employment laws are in place to ensure both employers and employees are suitably protected. Legislation on holidays, pay, discrimination, dismissal, and more is in place to protect a worker’s rights, whilst also safeguarding an employer’s interests.

Our employment law solicitors are revered for providing prompt and practical advice for both individuals and businesses facing HR and employment issues.

Due to its ever-changing landscape and recent escalation in legislation, employment law is one of the most complex areas of law to navigate. Our London-based team of specialist employment law solicitors will guide you through the process of resolving employment matters.

Employment Law and HR Advice for Employers

Strategic and well-timed employment law advice is critical to the growth of a business. It allows organisations time to plan and make better decisions regarding employees, working environment, policies and procedures.

We provide both contentious and non-contentious legal advice, advising employers on all aspects of employment, including recruitment, redundancies, holidays, sickness, and post-termination matters.

We aim to fully understand the needs of your business so we can appropriately guide you through the complexities of employment law. We understand the rapid evolution of legislation and will help you navigate any changes to ensure compliance throughout your organisation.

We also offer corporate litigation and dispute resolution services, ensuring you benefit from a true ‘beginning to end’ approach to all your employment law requirements.

Employment Law and HR Advice for Employees

If you are experiencing difficulties in the workplace and feel like you are being discriminated against or treated unfairly, Queen’s Park Solicitors have a team of specialist employment law solicitors in London that have represented countless numbers of employees who have found themselves in a similar situation.

If you have a problem at work, we can support you by providing expert legal advice in dealing with the situation, or formally take up the matter on your behalf.

We provide cost-effective, practical advice and will clearly explain your options to you. Should you wish to take the matter to an employment tribunal, your solicitor will represent and support you every step of the way.