Are you a landlord or tenant looking for cost-effective leasing legal advice? Queen’s Park Solicitors is a law firm that specialises in Leases.

Our lawyers operate primarily online to guarantee quicker turnarounds for your leasing matters, such as drafting and reviewing your lease, negotiating with commercial landlords and property owners. We also offer a legal membership to provide clients with cost certainty, so that you know how much your leasing matter costs upfront. Our specialist team of lawyers have significant leasing experience in also dealing with disputes and contracts.

Request a free consultation with our lease lawyers to discuss your options.

Queen’s Park Solicitors’ specialised team of leasing lawyers can assist you on a wide range of leasing law matters, including:

    • reviewing your commercial lease agreements, retail or industrial leases;
    • resolving disputes with commercial tenants;
    • dealing with breaches of contract;
    • commercial leasing programs and commercial lease matters;
    • lease renewals and negotiating new leases;
      landlord tenant law;
    • drafting or reviewing lease terms (including rent for the premises, transfer, duration, personal guarantee, exit and renewal options);
    • assisting with rent reviews with the Consumer Prices Index or exercising the Option to Renew your lease;
    • subletting of premises under the Landlord and Tenant Act; and
    • assisting with lease assignments.

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